Un-dateable: Mr. “I think a girlfriend will solve all my problems”


Being in a relationship is akin to those cigarette ads from the 80’s to this guy: it looks cool and he wants to be cool, too. He sees women as an accessory, a status symbol or a fairy godmother who will steal him away from obscurity. This romanticized view of relationships and women is just the tip of the iceberg.

Mr. “I Think a Girlfriend Will Solve All My Problems” tends to lack the maturity to realize that: 1) A relationship is a two-way street and that he’ll need to work to cultivate a good one and 2) He’s not such a fantastic catch because he’s not a happy guy and tends to be a little on the lazy side. Really, he isn’t willing to work for a lot of things. Namely working on a relationship.

Mr. “I Think a Girlfriend Will Solve All My Problems” also likes to look for women way outside his league and then gets upset when they are not interested in him. Most of the time he may seem like a really nice guy but that desperate vibe is what tends to turn women off. Mostly because it’s pretty apparent he doesn’t care who his girlfriend is as long as she’s “hot.” Newsflash: Women like to feel special.

Deep down Mr. “I Think a Girlfriend Will Solve All My Problems” needs to take an inventory of his life and find something that he actually likes about his situation. If he would just be happy with himself as a single guy, he’d be much more attractive to the opposite sex. He’d also be capable of making someone else happy. Only once he learns that it’s not about him will he be a good partner.


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