Why you won’t see a photo of me without makeup on the Internet


All summer (and probably before that but I’m late to the game) I have seen blog posts, Facebook campaigns and everything in between praising women for having the guts to go makeup-less. In a photograph. On the Internet. Only the most judge-y place on earth.

Some lovely friends of mine even challenged me to do the same and post the “selfie” on Facebook. I do make an allowance for the possibility that I become famous someday with paparazzi hanging out in my shrubs to catch a shot of me throwing out the trash in my pajamas. Otherwise, you aren’t likely to see a photo of yours truly sans makeup anytime soon and there are three reasons why:

1) Makeup helps me look like myself. Seriously. Running around without makeup just makes me look sick (thank you, allergies!) and contagious. I see people I know and they cringe before asking me if I feel OK. Like most women, I prefer to draw as little negative attention to my appearance as humanly possible. (And doing a Photoshop job on my makeup free photo would be cheating.)

2) I take a horrible photo, anyway. You’ll have to take my word for this one but it’s true. There’s just something weird about my face that looks perfectly normal in person and yet subtly distorted when translated to a photo. Add #1 to the mix and that’s just a recipe for disaster. (Possibly going viral for having the absolute worst photo in the history of photography… no one wants to be known for that.)

3) I don’t need people to tell me I’m brave or beautiful. Actually, I’m neither of those things but I’m comfortable with who I am. I don’t need scads of people commenting on what I look like. Approval-seeking isn’t something I enjoy. For my introverted soul all that attention actually sounds a little hellish.

Ladies, have you participated in any of the makeup free trends this year?


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