It’s time for the backup plan


Recently I mentioned that I was remodeling my 3oish-year-old bathroom. (Yes, my bathroom and I are about the same age!) I had scrimped and saved for this remodel. Over the past couple of years I had been collecting little bits of materials here and there that were piling up in my closet. (Certainly cut into shoe space and budget!)

The only thing left to buy was the tile. I was planning to splurge a little to get a good quality tile and really make the room look polished. After searching for weeks I finally found the style and color I wanted. It was one of those experiences where the item catches your eye and it might as well have been glowing with songs of angels in the air. I had to have this tile!

And guess what? After talking to the contractor, it turns out that this particular tile was not a good idea. The other materials and extra work required to make the tile a viable choice would go way over my budget. It was time for “plan B” which turned out to be a really wonderful faux marble. The finished product was so satisfying that I didn’t even miss the tile. In fact, now I’m a little relieved that I won’t have as much grout to keep clean. Win-win!

This revelation got me to thinking about my dating life. How many times have what I thought I wanted and what I actually needed been in conflict? Probably more times than I would like to admit. We all see someone attractive with the right resume but often fail to notice (or outright ignore) that our personalities or morals clash until we’re in too deep.

Maybe it’s time to experiment a little to see what other options might work for us instead. We won’t even miss the original option when we realize how happy we are with the alternative.


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