Un-dateable: The Social Butterfly



The Social Butterfly is cute and bubbly. Guys tend to like her because she carries the conversation and they find her animated way of talking to be adorable. But unless you’re prepared to live as scrutinized an existence as a Hollywood power couple, it’s best to avoid this gal.

Red flags tend to arise as early as the day after you meet The Social Butterfly. You’ve had one conversation and she has already sent you a friend request on Facebook and is following you on Twitter. She may even send friend requests to your mother, siblings and best friends. Suddenly everything about your relationship (even if you didn’t realize it was a relationship!) is open for comment online by her grandmother, best friend from high school and her coworkers.

Soon it’s apparent that The Social Butterfly just likes to be in a relationship so she has something to talk about and post on social media. The Social Butterfly likes to put everything out in the open and will probably tell her dental hygienist all about the fight you two had last weekend, her coworkers every detail of your anniversary dinner and her mother will make veiled criticisms about the fact that you squeeze the toothpaste tube from the middle. Your mother will ask you why The Social Butterfly suddenly has a Pinterest board called “Our Wedding.”



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