Who is on your team?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAs singletons we don’t have a spouse who offers love, support and accountability so recruiting our own personal team to fill those gaps is crucial.

What makes a good teammate?

These folksĀ need to be a good balance of love and common sense. They are the people who will bring you soup when you’re sick and be a shoulder to cry on during hard times. They are also the folks who will sit you down to have a heart-to-heart chat when you’ve begun to accumulate too many cats or start wearing your pajamas to the grocery store.

The members on your team are also life-affirming. They don’t push you into relationships just to be in one. They don’t put you down for not having the same life experience as they do (marriage, children). There might be one or two who is also a great travel companion (you don’t hate each other after three days) and the one you can chat with on the phone while you drive home or go grocery shopping.

And at least one of your team members should be the person you can call when you try to change a tire and can’t get the lug nuts to turn for the life of you! (True story.)

Who is on your team?


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