Un-dateable: Grandpa


Grandpa is the older guy who doesn’t want to be your boyfriend, he wants to be your dad. But even worse he ends up being your grandfather. The weird thing is that you were born in the same decade but he feels that age gap a lot more than you do!

This guy likes being in charge and feeling like the “big man” which is why he goes after the younger ladies. Part of this is because he doesn’t like the idea of his dates having much experience in the dating pool. He does care about how many boyfriends you’ve had in the past and might dump you if he feels you’ve had too many. His dating experience, of course, is irrelevant.

As a boyfriend Grandpa is always telling you how young you are or that “you’ll understand when you’re older.” He’s also very set in his ways and not likely to want to grow together as a couple. Grandpa generally has ideals about women that you never, ever meet (and he’ll be sure to tell you) but he’ll sometimes settle because it makes him look philanthropic. And because a lot of the time no one else will have him.



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