Un-dateable: The Model

themodel The Model is stunningly beautiful (on a scale of 1 – 10 she’s a 12). There isn’t a mirror (or any reflective surface) that she does not love and she has incredible self esteem. Perhaps too much.

The Model gets a lot of preferential treatment because of her looks. The worst part is that she knows it and uses her powers for evil and not good. Because the only thing The Model works to improve is her body, her personality suffers. This never-ending cycle of manipulation and favoritism has made her a really selfish and unpleasant person.

In school The Model could charm teachers into extending deadlines and she was the girl who could smile and get a free soda at McDonald’s. Now she just uses her wiles to have everything the way she wants that includes making you wear that pink shirt you hate and an outright pout until you hand over the remote during a football game. You will often find that having an intelligent conversation about anything other than some television housewives is generally a little bit too much to ask.  Sure, she’s great arm candy but this gal isn’t long-term relationship material because you’ll tire of the wiles after a while and especially the pink shirt.


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