Un-dateable: Dr. Flakenstein

Each week I’ll be sharing characters from my list of un-dateable personality types (men and women). This list comes from life experience (I’ve dated a lot of the men, unfortunately!) and is a little tongue in cheek. Hope you enjoy!


First up is Dr. Flakenstein (Don’t let yourself become the “Bride of Flakenstein!”). Dr. Flakenstein has grandiose dreams of being financially stable or (more accurately) independently wealthy. He weaves elaborate fantasies of what his future will look like.

At first his vision and tendency to take risks can be really attractive. Who doesn’t like a guy who looks like he’s going somewhere? However, the big problem with this lifestyle soon becomes apparent. Dr. Flakenstein lacks the drive and commitment to stick with any of his experiments.

Most often Dr. Flakenstein likes to toy with different ways to be self-employed: sell encyclopedias while getting his Realtor’s license or teach Pilates and try to sell himself as a blogger. Whatever the case, his experiments are usually unsuccessful as the instant “get rich quick” ventures he envisions and the doctor does not work with them for long. Dr. Flakenstein may boomerang in and out of his parents’ house due to failed business attempts.

Someone along the line needs to give Dr. Flakenstein the ultimatum to get a real job before he starts dating. Otherwise, his future partner will most definitely be footing the bill for all his experiments. And then he’ll really be creating a monster because she’ll be absolutely exhausted and miserable. Probably more than a little resentful as well.


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