The one that got away


During wedding season it’s difficult not to think about the proverbial “one that got away.” You know, the guy/gal who still inhabits a place in your mind and your heart as possibly “the one” but the likelihood of you two ever meeting again is slim to none. (This isn’t a romantic comedy, after all.)

But that’s sort of the point to the “one that got away,” isn’t it? You can romanticize the “what ifs” to your heart’s content without remembering that he left without a word or that she told you she wasn’t the marrying kind but went on to marry the next guy she dated. Nostalgia with a selective memory.

Of course I speak from experience. Every once in awhile I think about a particular guy who-about a decade ago-moved away and never took the time to try and contact me again. (This was pre-smartphone and pre-Facebook.) It seemed like we had wonderful chemistry but obviously the feeling wasn’t mutual because he had my phone number and my e-mail address but didn’t bother to use either. Every few years I allow myself to muse about an alternate reality where we had attempted a long-distance relationship.

But who knows what would have really happened? I decided that instead of being caught up in pining away for this guy I would use that time in my life as good research. I realized there were a lot of personality traits in this guy that were desirable for a potential partner. He was confident and considerate and somehow managed to have a healthy but loving concern for his widowed mother. I figure I can find someone like that someday with the added bonus that he’ll think me worthy of picking up the phone.

Do you have a “one that got away?” Do you think of him/her often?





2 thoughts on “The one that got away

  1. Yes I do. Every so often I wonder if it would have worked etc, then I remind myself that everything happens for a reason! He was a good guy and there are probably plenty more out there 🙂 Great post!

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