Why are you still single?

PA281187If you are single odds are you get asked this question A LOT. Everyone from dates to family members (and even strangers sometimes) want to know: “Why are you still single?”

After hearing this so many times I began to expect it and to get a little annoyed. I always wonder what sort of answer they want to hear. Do they want me to admit that I’m too picky? Had a tragic past? Kept looking in all the wrong places? Or that I’m weird and not worth dating? I imagine I could come up with hundreds of more snarky replies given the time.

You know what, though? It IS a valuable question but I don’t think it’s one that someone else should be asking us. It’s one that we singletons (who are looking for love) should ask ourselves. “Why AM I still single?” And it should be paired with: “Am I doing anything to hold myself back?”

Part of my answer would be that I just gave up after my last relationship. I figured that being a perpetual singleton was not such a bad thing. It was certainly easier than the seemingly endless date and break-up cycle. This is definitely a mindset worth pursuing and re-evaluating because there could be someone out there for me. And there could be someone for you, too!

Have you ever stopped to consider why you’re still single?



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