Girls like me are ‘a dime a dozen’ or Why I hate blind dates

file000953835377I will never go on another blind date again and this is for a very good reason. You think your friends know you until they set you up with some crazy person who stalks you for weeks. Or worse they set you up with a person and you both dislike each other immediately. How do you salvage a friendship after something like that? It’s better just to avoid the blind date situation altogether.

My first blind date was in the freshman year of college. My boyfriend and I had just broken up and it appeared that my friends were trying to help me get back on the horse so to speak. From here you know the friend setting you up MO. They talk about him/her saying how great they think you would be together. You have to decide based on the minimal information they provide: That he or she is “nice” and what they do for a living or studying in school. Sometimes a unique trait that you both share enters the conversation but that is rare considering the person setting you up really has no clue about whether you would be “good together” or not.

The only reason I agreed to the blind date in this instance was that it was taking place in a public place (a dance) and a few of my friends would be there, too. We arrived at the dance and my date was already there.

My date-hereafter to be known as Brad (not his real name)-was one of those people who come on way too strong way too fast and I was immediately uncomfortable. He would make a show of asking me to dance by bowing and then lead me to the dance floor like we were a professional ballroom team ready to perform. I was mortified! The couples around us began sending me pitying looks but only one of my friends graciously danced with Brad to give me a break.

The icing on the cake came when Brad leaned in with his goofy smile and whispered “Girls like you are a dime a dozen.” I prayed he had misspoken. “Pardon?” I said pretending I had not heard. And he repeated it verbatim! At the end of the night he also told me that he felt like his feet never touched the ground all night. My friends decided that was because he had been stepping on mine the entire time (true).

As you can imagine I was not into Brad and it should have been easy to never see him again, right? Wrong. He got my phone number from the friends who set us up and called me five times the next day. I had been out the entire day (this was before cell phones were really common) so my roommate finally asked him to stop calling. (She had not even met him yet but vehemently advised me against going out with him again.)

When I finally spoke with Brad, I came clean and told him I didn’t think we would be a good fit. He was very upset and threatened to throw himself in front of a train if I wouldn’t go out with him again. My 30-something self knows I should have notified the authorities but my 18-year-old self had no sympathy and suggested he calm down and go to bed.

It took almost a month to get Brad to stop calling and only because I found mutual friends who had his godmother tell him to stop. He did not end up throwing himself in front of a train after all. Six months later my friends saw Brad at the mall with his pregnant girlfriend and she had brown, curly hair just like me. I guess maybe girls like me are a dime a dozen after all!


4 thoughts on “Girls like me are ‘a dime a dozen’ or Why I hate blind dates

  1. Oooh dear! I’ve had a few stalkers in my time, it was hard to tell when I first met them and it took forever to get rid of them I can undertsand why you wouldn’t do on another blind date :/

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