How I learned to be a better communicator

living_with_a_cell_phone_03My co-worker was driving me mad! We had been working together several months now and the honeymoon was very much over. I was two days away from searching the job classifieds.

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Coping with unwanted attention


“You have the most beautiful eyes!”

He leaned over my desk to get a closer look but I had a sneaking suspicion it was my cleavage (barely visible cleavage at that) and not my face he examined. Yup! His eyes lingered too long on my neckline. To make matters worse this guy was older than my parents! My jaw tightened and I abruptly stood. His eyes widened and he took a cautionary step backward as though he sensed I might deck him. I certainly thought about it. Fortunately, the look on my face was enough to end the conversation. This time, anyway.

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Un-dateable: Dr. Flakenstein

Each week I’ll be sharing characters from my list of un-dateable personality types (men and women). This list comes from life experience (I’ve dated a lot of the men, unfortunately!) and is a little tongue in cheek. Hope you enjoy!


First up is Dr. Flakenstein (Don’t let yourself become the “Bride of Flakenstein!”). Dr. Flakenstein has grandiose dreams of being financially stable or (more accurately) independently wealthy. He weaves elaborate fantasies of what his future will look like.

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